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Street Art 2019

Withington High St.,

Manchester UK

Work by Akin


Work by Joanne


(Zion Artists)

Work by Sharon

(Zion Artists)

Work by Claire

(Zion Artists)

Nice cup of Tea, with 

Afternoon Photo Shoot:

would look a lot like IS

in different gear

Work by Renoir as a young man.

Painting underneath:

As an old man; after he had developed rheumatoid arthritis 

Work by Paul, Didsbury

Done in collaberation

with Akin:

Water colour with Indian ink 

Work done by myself

in the USA, June 2019:


Hazel doing her Thing

Camera & backing by Ivan


Dave & Alan on Keys

doing their Thing

with backing by

Parkfield Court Singers

Feltpen on Black ink, July 2019. My work

Wax crayon on black ink.

wax4usa2019. My work

Feltpen on black ink & pencil

Aug 2019. My work

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